Sunday, 17 August 2014

Snowflakes in July

It may have been very hot and sunny but snowflakes and ice queens were the order of the day for my daughter's July birthday.  Our household like millions of others has fallen under the 'Frozen' spell so a Frozen- inspired party was top of her birthday wish list.

Planning this party was pretty much taken out of my hands with the birthday girl making a very clear (and cute!) 'magical' checklist for me to work from (a future party planner in the making heehee!).

I bought lots of snowflake wall decals from a local discount store and some hanging paper snowflakes (ebay) and turquoise, white and clear balloons.  Along with some personalised posters and bunting this filled walls and spaces creating our icy wonderland!

I wanted the dining tables to look magical and make the girls feel very princessy.  I always tend to use white Ikea 'lack' tables and stools for the party dining tables, and rather than table cloths I bought a white voile-type fabric which was covered in little sparkles (an offcut from ebay) and actually sellotaped it under the tables to keep it in place.  This made the tables look snowy/icy but also very girly and sparkly!  I found the sweetest little snowflake place card holders on ebay which sat beautifully on the opaque plates (A great buy as I will certainly use them at Christmas time too).

It took me quite a while to sort out the tiaras for the girls to wear for the party.  I searched ebay, online party stores, pound shops and bargain stores but could not find anything suitable.  I was about to give up on them when I happened upon a beautiful listing on Etsy 'Its All Your Felt' for uncut embroidered canvas/felt - basically just needed to cut out the tiara shape and thread through a hairband.  They looked amazing and were really easy to assemble (my only advice if you were to buy them would be, to buy one or two spare hairbands as I managed to snap one when first threading on the tiara fabric, before i got the hang of it!). I also ordered matching 'wand' canvas from this very talented seller too.

The cake was a wonderful party centrepiece.  From Gracie's list of a 'doll cake' I got a few ideas from Pinterest (check out my Frozen inspired Pinterest board for my favourite finds) and the amazing Bella Sweetie Cake Design created this gorgeous cake.  Though buying the dolls was not easy! Lots of hours spent checking the Disney Store website until finally they came available - so crazy how difficult it is to get hold of Frozen toys :(

Silver tree's (Etsy) and themed toppers in an assortment of yummy cupcakes.

I also printed themed cushion covers for the 'grown ups area' of the living room as wanted a way to subtly bring the theme into this area without overpowering it all. After the party the cushions are going to be used in the girls bedrooms.

The amazing Emma Enchanted was once again my first choice when Gracie was hoping her much loved princesses would visit her on her birthday.  Songs, dancing, games and stories - so magical!!

For additional activities I also set out beads and charms for making bracelets/necklaces and we repeated the very popular activity from Gracie's Rapunzel party (as it had been such a huge hit!) of making dresses for snow queen dolls (barbie style dolls from the pound shop and reminants of felt and fabric, ribbon and stick on gems).

Cotton printed favour bags were filled with goodies including adorable cookies from Cookie Collaboration.

Cookies by The Cookie Collaboration

An extra special gift for the birthday girl, a beautiful handmade doll by Little Ida Crafts.  Definitely something for her to treasure :)

Chocolate fondue was on the list!  There is a lyric in a Frozen song about chocolate fondue and it has made my daughter so curious to try it - "If Elsa and Anna eat it, it must be good!"  So this was my version of it.  I had considered a chocolate fountain but with all the girls coming to the party in their best princess dresses I was worried about them covering themselves in choc!!  Instead each child had their individual fondue (super easy but they loved them) basically a Cadbury's chocolate 'pot of joy' with lots of snowy treats to dip :)

Hope this gives some inspiration for your snowy soiree's :) Thanks for looking x

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

'Rapunzel inspired' Birthday Party - Activities, Decor & Surprises!

My husband joked that I need to add a warning to this blog post - Caution lots of 'soft focus' photography! And he is right, you will find lots of it - however my hazy pics are hopefully to show how dreamy a day we had - truly a magical one!

I will not bore you with the details but inevitably (yet again!!) the theme of the party was changed by the birthday girl a few weeks before the scheduled party - so once again limited time for planning, making and organizing. Though I do think I wierdly enjoy working under this pressure!  The party was a small 'at home' tea-party which I hoped to be filled with lots of treats and surprises to truly make the birthday girl feel like her favourite princess. 

The Party Room
All blank spaces were decorated with pink and lilac flowers, butterflies and balloons.  I designed large posters for the walls and bunting to coordinate with my daughters party invitations.

Princess invitations and decorations available soon - visit Lila's Party for more info

My favourite element of the party room was the childrens table - I found a wonderful blog post by Stylish Trendy showing how to make the most beautiful brown paper tablecloth and this got me thinking of  trying to simplify and change up this idea to fit my theme.  So I created my paper tablecloth using a roll of brown paper, stencils and chalk, adding simple flower shapes (cut from lilac felt with a flower detail I found on hair bobbles from the pound shop).

I ensured all flower elements were very securely attached to the brown paper and the children were supervised throughout - as was cautious that for all I knew the girls would love their party table, I did not want any of the elements to be muddled in with their lunch!

Not only did this 'paper table cloth' fit my tables perfectly and cost very little it also was wonderful as an activity after lunch.  After removing the plates and food, I set out pastel coloured chalks for the girls to add their own drawings and flowers to the table.  Great for keeping them occupied whilst I tidied away lunch and prepared party games.

Party Room Decor

Dress Up
It is tradition now at our tea parties that there is an element of dressing up! I also like providing a t-shirt/apron as I always tend to plan messy activities and so I do not have to worry about pretty party clothes being ruined!

Tutu's always a must for our girly-girls - I found these lilac and purple ones very cheap on Ebay and added pink ribbon bows to pretty them up a bit.  I also found simple silver tiaras on Ebay and added a felt flower to each one.  T-shirts were printed to match the design theme of the party and I teamed these up with lilac felt capes.  My daughter requested to wear a cape at her party which I was worried was going to be a bit too much of a challenge (I'm not very good with a needle and thread!!).  However I  found this wonderful 'No sew cape tutorial' on Little Pink Monster Blog and they literally took minutes to make - very, very easy.  Though felt not the best material to use - I had this felt already so again to keep to my low budget I tried to use materials I already had at home.

Even though it was a hot day the girls refused to take the capes off - they looked so cute crafting and playing with them on all day long - my little caped crusaders :)

Party Treats
The birthday girl loves pizza and ice-cream so rather than having our usual 'sweetie table' and buffet I kept things really simple with take away pizza for lunch followed by cupcakes and a very special ice-cream treat.

I had looked on Pinterest at lots of ideas for Rapunzel Tower cupcakes (I've pinned them to my 'Rapunzel Party Ideas' board - link at the end of this post) and thought it could be fun to turn this idea into an activity for the girls - using ice-cream rather than cupcakes.  My youngest daughter always talks about Rapunzel as living in a 'Flower Tower' and so our 'Flower Tower Ice Cream Factory' was created.

Ice cream cones and cone cups were decorated with sprinkles and chocolate squares - tubes of icing being our 'edible glue' to stick all of the decorations. Then the cone cup was filled with a scoop of  ice-cream and topped with marshmallows before adding the cone tower top.  Messy but lots of fun!!

Cupcakes were personalised for each guest with themed toppers and the birthday girl herself helped me make 'Pascal -inspired' sugar paste characters, and add these and sprinkles to the cupcakes.  Again I had looked for inspiration on Pinterest for character toppers (My finds added to my board - link at end of this post) but ultimately I just tried to create very simple shapes for him (within my very basic sugar modelling abilities!) and added Wilton eye decorations.  It was lovely to make the cakes and sugar toppers with Gracie the day before the party, as she was very eager to be involved with her party preparations.

We played traditional party games - pass the parcel, musical statues, etc  but I also organised some themed activities for the girls to create their own princess doll with her very own 'lizard' friend.  I bought dolls from the pound shop and set out oddments of fabric and ribbon along with sequins and sparkles so the girls could create a princess dress and decorate their doll to turn her into a beautiful flower princess.  The lizards I found on Ebay and they were decorated with fabric pens and sequins.

A Very Special Visitor
The party was drawing to a close or so everyone (adults too) were led to believe, but a very special surprise was in store - a visit from the princess herself!  The wonderful Emma Enchanted sent the 'Flower Princess' along to give the birthday girl and her guests a princess makeover and to teach the girls how to dance and sing like a princess.  She also read a story about one of her adventures and handed out gifts - so magical - the girls have talked about nothing else since!

Take a look at all the fab fairytale characters at -

 A very happy day and great memories :)

I have put together a board on Pinterest with my Rapunzel- inspired party ideas along with ones I found along the way by others which really caught my eye - you will find it at PINTEREST - hopefully it can help inspire more magical days for other little birthday princesses :)

Monday, 20 May 2013

Pirate Party - a simple pirate ship party table

personalised chocolate bars

Forget the Jolly Roger or Black Pearl, the only pirate ship I wanted birthday boy Dylan to be interested in was his birthday party 'pirate ship' treat table!
I aimed for his family tea-party to be transformed with a few simple touches into something this pirate-fan would thoroughly enjoy!

Black fabric draped over table and pulled around table legs to create the shape of a 'ship'. And the star of the show was definitely the inflatable shark - a big hit with Dylan!

A basic pillowcase printed with the birthday boy's name. And personalised bunting hung at each side of the name flag.

Yummy chocolate cakes and themed toppers.

Forget expensive cake stands - boxes, plates and cupholder stands displayed the treats perfectly and kept to the pirate ship theme of the table.

 I saw the chocolate bar 'walk the plank' idea some time back, I think on Pinterest though not sure of its exact source - but thought this would be great to add into Dylan's table.

Chocolate 'fudge' bars wrapped in brown paper making for a yummy message in a bottle.

Dylan (and his mum) love malteasers - so they were a must on the table, making perfect cannonballs!

Small printed pouches to fill with gold and silver chocolate coins.

very simple and yummy pirate ship table

Happy birthday Dylan :)

Monday, 8 April 2013

Princess Make-Over Party

Photo by Punch Photography
When my daughter requested a 'make-up' party for her 5th birthday, this was not the theme I was hoping to hear from her at such a young age!!  But keeping in mind her age and her love of princesses (and all things girly) this was the 'Princess Makeover Party' I came up with....

The Princess Beauty Salon!
The party room was organised with tables for a 'Princess Beauty Salon' - lots of hair accessories and play make-up were added to boxes next to each styling doll.  Also tied to each chair a beauticians uniform for each guest to wear.
Beyond the 'Princess Salon' were 4 lifesize  princess cutouts stands (shapes cut from mdf).  Each cutout had dressing up accessories attached via velcro spots and this enabled the girls to take the accessories and dress-up as a princess.  The velcro dots were also great for enabling the children to return the accessories and actually dress-up the cutouts again and again!

Life-size Princesses
Tutu skirt, wand, necklace, earrings and handbags added

supercute beautician uniforms!
The dessert table within the party room was to resemble a princess dressing table.  It was filled with pastel pink and green goodies!! The pink chocolate princess slippers were a big hit with the girls!

The yummy princess dressing table!

Closer details.....

photo by Punch Photography
photo by Punch Photography
photo by Punch Photography
photo by Punch Photography
Chocolate slippers from Not On The High Street
Instead of a birthday cake I opted for individual cupcakes and made toppers to turn the simple cupcakes into princesses.

photo by Punch Photography
I found a very cute second hand dressing table and decorated this as a favour table.  Candy handbags could be filled with lots of  treats, including personalised chocolate bars and a candy lipstick.  The drawers of the dressing table also contained further play jewellery, feather boas and dress up items.  Next to the dressing table was my favourite feature, a basket filled with to pink poodles for the little princesses to 'Pick a Pooch'!

photo by Punch Photography
photo by Punch Photography

photo by Punch Photography

photo by Punch Photography

photo by Punch Photography

Pick a Pooch!

The favour dressing table
With the age range of  the four guests 2 years to 8years - this theme worked really well, accessible to all age groups.  The girls really enjoyed the activities - particularly their 'Salon'! - Some very interesting hair styles created!!!

photo by Punch Photography
I added in a few of my own basic party snaps to this post but have to say a big thank you to Punch Photography  for their gorgeous photos of the details of this party!

I will add images of the co-ordinating  princess 'colour-in' invitations and partyware on my Facebook page Lila's Party so please pop by for details :)  x